Bug or little implementation opportunity

I’d like highlighted strange audirvana behaviour.
Audirvana run on my MBP15 (late 13) and play on Marantz NA 11 both by USB if MBP is plugged or by Airplay when MBP is unplagged and connectet to wifi network.
on Audirvana playback menù the player is configurable and see in two differente way as USB hi speed and as Marantz NA11 by airplay.

I can configure player in two difference mode abouth vaw ferequencies. BUT DSD playback setup are the same.
In my case this is a trouble because palyer can play DSD over PCM if pluged on USB. And only vaw if I play music by aiplay on wifi.
And I’ve to switch on and off DSD over PCM flag.
I think that this is a bug and I hope will be appreciate this information.

best regards,
Ilario A.

Hello @Ango,

It’s not a bug but a feature that need to be implemented. We had suggestions about it and we are taking it in consideration to improve Audirvana in a future update.

Good to hear it! And Thank you for keeping in consideration my suggestion.

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