Bug: Playback stops when CD drive opens

Steps to reproduce:

  • start playback from Audirvana (it’s a Qobuz album)
  • open CD drive
  • insert audio CD
  • close CD drive
  • open CD drive => playback stops
    (in this stage, play/pause buttons have no effect.
  • close CD drive => playback resumes

I forgot to mention: Windows 10 release 1909

Try to disable the OS actions on CD insert.

It actually works when a CD is inserted. It stops working when the CD drive is open. I don’t think there is an action to configure when the drive is opened, but only when it is closed (but I’ll check).

I thought it my be a system issue but the Qobuz client (for instance) doesn’t show this behaviour, whether using the WASAPI interface, the WASAPI exclusive or the ASIO interface.