[Bug report / feedback] Audirvana Origin

Hello Audirvana team,

Audirvana Origin is very promising. I’m currently testing the free month. Please have a look at the following list, reporting a few bugs and some suggestion, thank you.

  • Fullscreen/windowed state isn’t saved, so when quitting the app in Fullscreen mode, re-launching it will result in windowed mode, forcing the user to enter fullscreen manually every time (via ctrl-cmd-f for instance). This small annoyance should be solved easily.

  • An option to relaunch the app in its latest state would be a nice addition. By that I mean: every time the app is launched, the My Music panel is shown. It would be nice to have the latest artist or album or list displayed instead of this default window reset.

  • Speaking about windows too, in Fullscreen the pop-up window allowing Frequency Analysis isn’t really optimized for Fullscreen, as you can see in attached file below.

  • When playing Apple Lossless files with Replay Gain, there isn’t enough space to handheld properly information onto a single line, leading to a cut at the bottom of the screen. Please see attached file. One fix could be to display ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) instead of Apple Lossless to shorten it.

Thanks for reading this. If you need more infos feel free to ask me.
System: Macbook Pro running on macOS Monterey.

Hello @pierrechapuis

I see what you mean, I will check with Damien about this to see if it can be easily fixed.

This is something we had request by users and we are working on it but can’t tell you a date on when it will be available.

Ok, since you are in full screen, what is your MacBook screen size?

Thank you for your answer. Indeed I use Fullscreen.

It is a 13 inch MBP retina, so having a resolution of 2560x1600.

Appearance is set with regular font size in Audirvana (I mean I didn’t set the Large font size available in the options).

Feel free to ask me if more infos are needed.
Bien à vous

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@Antoine Here a minor bug as well: Sony headphones are detected as being from Apple Inc., instead of Sony, when connected in Bluetooth AAC (at least).

Capture d’écran 2022-05-02 à 12.21.34

Hello @pierrechapuis,

It’s because you are using Bluetooth. When you are using Bluetooth, it’s the controller from your Mac that is detected as the manufacturer, we can’t do much about it.

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@Antoine As another quick feedback, a nice addition would be to be able to Save presets from the dashboard, depending on which Output device is connected. Something like having a button “Save this preset” (i.e. permanently for this connected device).

In the current AO version, we have to change those parameters depending on how we use Audirvana. I mean, I don’t want to upsample if I listen music on the go on the laptop speakers, however when my DAC is plugged I want to upsample the files.

So every time we switch to another output, users have to go back to the dashboard to change their settings, this would be awesome if this settings can be loaded automatically upon Output Device recognition.

Excellente journée à vous,

This is something we have in mind for a future improvement for both Audirvāna Studio and Audirvāna Origin. We still have some questions to solve on our side before being able to properly try it on our side.


Maybe the original poster was referring to this:

My “home screen” is my library sorted by artist. In 3.5, I would go back to this when I was done listening to music before closing out. When I restarted the app, the home screen would appear.

With Origin, even if I return home before closing out, it always goes to the last track I played when I restart the app. I then have to hit the back arrow to get home. It would be great if Origin could be fixed to act like 3.5 for this issue.

Also, 3.5 had both stop and pause “buttons” in play mode. Origin dropped the stop button. My preference would be to bring it back.

Thank you for your consideration. I’m loving the improved sound quality on Origin.

We wanted to change that, this is why the lock icon have the same purpose as the Stop button.

Bonjour @Antoine There is a minor bug in Audirvana Origin (I suspect this is the same in Studio). Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. From Library/Artist (view), in an album containing ONLY ONE song,
  2. Click on the small Play button — located on the left of the Favorite one — to play it: here the song doesn’t start as expected.
    → The only way to play it then, is to click on the bigger Play icon at the bottom of the Audirvana window. If the album contains more than one song, no issue. Only affects album containing a single song.

Please see in attached file what I mean by the small Play button. I’ve seen this bug in the Artist panel, but could potentially affects other panels too.

[edit] The Repeat current album button doesn’t work too, although Repeat current track works well, in this particular case.

Bien à vous

macOS ventura 13.0.1, Origin 2.2

I can confirm this but it’s not related to Ventura since I also have it on Monterey, We will fix this in the next update.

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