Bug with 3.0.2, accessing the dac

Hi there. I’ve posted on computeraudiophile but thought i’d try here.
I’ve discovered a behaviour with A+ 3.0.2, that I didnt have with A+ 2.6.6
Hopefully, someone could confirm. I’m using OSX 10.9.5

With versions A+ 2.6.6 and previous, I could use A+ with my iDSD nano dac. On the remote app, if I long press play, and hit STOP, it releases the dac. I can then use spotify app and play music. If I want to return to A+ afterwards, it retakes control of the dac.

Now, with version 3.0.2, with the same steps, if I go from A+, long press play and stop, use spotify, and return to A+, I am unable to play music. I must again long press the play and hit stop, then reload my music, then A+ works.

Can anyone reproduce this? I’m looking for a fix to this behaviour!

Edit: Just received reply from Damian, who suggested that the spotify app may hog the audio even when not in use. Makes sense, but to my knowledge, the spotify app hasn’t changed. This is a new behaviour since 3.0.2