Buying 3.5 - how?

Hi all,

I used Audiravana on my old laptop for years, sold it and lost access. Got trial for new 3.5 and didn’t buy - now I CANNOT get the license anymore. The link doesn’t work!

I DO NOT need Studio! It simply has features I’d never use. HOW do I purchase so I can use my OLD 3.5 on already installed computer?


Audirvana 3.5 is no longer available for purchase. If you have a valid license, Audirvana Support should be able to help you get it going on your new computer. If you don’t have a valid license, your only recourse for Audirvana is to subscribe to Studio.

How do I validate that? I signed up with my old work email, which I no longer have access to.

This is TERRIBLE, I do NOT want another “Roon” with this studio, and ridiculous subscription. I guess will switch over.

Asked @Antoine to sort this out, if real account, don’t worry :grinning:

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