Buying Origin with Apple Pay

I live in the Netherlands, if I wanna buy Origin can I do that with Apple Pay? Can I use the Dutch ABN bank for it?

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Audirvana is a European (French) company. I am from the Netherlands too and (if I remember correctly) I used Paypal to pay from my Dutch bank account. But it would not surprise me if you could use iDeal or Apple Pay as wel nowadays. But Audirvana’s support can help you with that.

I have send them an email Andy.

Audirvana also can select payment for ideal and Google in their Paddle dashboard but I think they choose not to, too bad.

Hi @GoldenlioN,

I answered you by email on this subject, Apple Pay and iDeal are both enabled, however, are you using Safari to do your purchase of Audirvāna Origin?

Hello Antoine.

I did some testing here in the Netherlands with a Mac mini M2. In safari I get de payment methods Apple Pay and Pay-Pal, In Firefox, Opera and the Duck browser I only see Pay-Pal.

greetings John

Which is due to the requirements from Apple itself :wink:

Also tested Chrome also only Pay-Pal I think it’s something else. I remember I bought the old version years ago with safari and ideal, in those days the payment partner was Avangate.