Calling Linux Gurus!

I have 5 operating systems on my desktop and wanted a way to conveniently switch between them remotely, which I found with a combination of rEFInd, grub-reboot, RealVNC, and ssh over Tailscale (Wireguard-based VPN). Tailscale allows use of remote ssh securely for the two OSs I run without desktops.

But I found (which I should have realized) that when running Tailscale, I lose the ability to connect to Audirvana via the remote (I’m assuming I also lose the ability for Audirvana to communicate via UPnP).

So my question is, how do I get Audirvana to work when Tailscale is running?

An additional note is that I listen to my home audio collection remotely using airsonic-advanced. This is reverse proxied via https using the Caddy web server. I assume this also won’t work in my current unmodified setup with Tailscale.

One reason Caddy is quite simple to use is because it automatically takes care of getting the SSL certificate, so the method to get Tailscale working with Caddy is a bit different than with other web servers, see Use Caddy to manage Tailscale HTTPS certificates .

Somehow, without doing anything that I can recall on my own, the problem has magically corrected itself. (Of course this is totally the opposite of the way these things usually happen, which is that something stops working for seemingly no reason. Karma? :man_shrugging:t2:)