Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus & new pc issue

Hello there. My Intel NUC decided to die a few weeks ago. I was using it with Audirvana and a Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus DAC. I recently purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad compact PC to replace the Intel NUC. I connected the DAC to the PC using all the same connections I had previously used. I installed ASIO drivers on the Lenovo. When I select the DacMagic using ASIO drivers I am not getting any sound from the DAC. If I select the WASAPI driver I can only hear the music from the inbuilt speaker on the Lenovo. The only different cable I used was a DisplayPort cable to my AV receiver, before that I used an HDMI connection. Could this be causing an issue with my DAC?

Did you install the Cambridge Audio drivers for USB 2 . The CXN Needs them

You can download from CA support page

Hello Mike. Yes, I have. I updated the firmware when I had the DAC connected to my previous Intel NUC. Have installed ASIO drivers as well. Still no sound.