Can add Lyrics support in Audirvana remote?


is it possible to add the Lyrics support? I paste all the Lyrics in my flac. I used to view Lyric when I listen the music.


Hello @ngszewai, this feature is not currently available in the remote but we thank you for the suggestion for further improvement of the remote.

I you want to have Lyrics for your tracks on your phone you can download Genius to get the lyrics for free.

Try with LyricsX. It’s free on appstore and works brliantly. Very adjustable with position, colours, and has a small foot print so it will not affect audio reproduction and processing in any way. Enjoy.

  • Sorry you were asking for remote - this is a desktop solution, but I hope that some will find this usefull.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you all for the hints!

Hi @Antoine, is there any lyrics 3rd party app for windows 10 ? I can’t find any that will work… Genius works well on the remote…