Can AS Synch M3U playlists?


I am pretty new to Audirvana but so far liking that I can combine my Tidal with my Local library and stream via uPnP to my KEF LS50 Wireless II and Devialet Phantoms 900’s.

While organizing my library I was wondering if it is possible to have your m3u playlists synched with your Local Library the same way your tracks are synched in AS? The reason I am asking is because I use Rekordbox for my DJ collectin and often create new playlists within Rekordbox, the playlists export in M3U8 but I know how to convert it to the right M3U format so Audirvana Studio’s can read it (so far I have tried a small playlist of 10 tracks, but now that I try to import a playlist of approx 500 tracks, it kind of freezes and I think it will take some time to process this). Therefor it would be nice if it can synch the playlists so I don’t have to wait too much for the import and also when I add a new playlist I do not have to manually link it.

Some handy information:

  • I am running on Windows 10 with Audirvana Studio’s version
  • My tracks/playlist are on a WD NAS, but loading a small playlist worked so I assume a large playlist will work as well.
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