Can Audirvāna play multichannel dts files?

Sending signal from Windows PC to Denon AVR via HDMI.
Currently getting white noise if use Audirvāna. Note plays well if use VLC & ignore Audirvāna.
Also does Audirvāna play iso (sacd & dvd) files?

It does. I have my 3.5 via mac mini straight to my marantz via hdmi. It plays multi channel dsf files from my NAS. You need to make changes of the setting pcm not dsd if I could remember it right.

Thanks for getting back to me.
Are you saying I would need to convert the dts files to another format (to dsf?) in order to play it through Audirvana? Not sure that is worth the bother for all my dts albums. I was hoping there was an adjustment in Audirvana app that I could make to play these tracks. If you can remember what steps you took to play these files, that would be of great help.

Thanks again.

If it is necessary to convert DTS multichannel files to play them with Audirvana, what is the best audio format for this ? Flac, mp3, m4A ?

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