Can Audirvana Sync with Onedrive?

I have very limited space on my computer and can’t store my music collection on my laptop as a result of this. I stored all of my music on Microsoft Onedrive in a file titled music, if I allow audirvana to sync with my one drive folder (if it can) will it attempt to download all the songs into my computer again? This is the only reason I’m hesitating to buy the software. I would really love to be able to listen to my music regularly again and nothing else I’ve found has been able to sync with my onedrive account without adding all the music back on the computer. I’ve tried to see if that info was someone on the site or on the forum but I haven’t been able to find it. Thank you for your time.

I use pCloud Drive and it works great. They only thing is that once in a while if you wake up your machine from stand by mode and pCloud Seive hasn’t synced yet, but Audirvana has started already, it freezes. So you just need to make sure you shut down Audirvana before you put it in stand by

Otherwise works great

Hello @SSD, OneDrive do need to download your file if you want to use it on your device so yes, if you synchronize all of your library you’ll probably have a storage problem. This is how OneDrive, even with pdf or picture files, works.

New here. :slight_smile:

Since I’m new to Audirvana I’m just discovering it’s not really compatible with OneDrive (Mac) is it? At least in a way that works for me. When adding my Music folder that lives on OneDrive it dutifully went about trying to download EVERYTHING fully as opposed to just using the reference file names and directories that exist. I had to stop it before my laptop’s drive filled up. :confused:

Has anyone talked to Audirvana about this and know way it’s handled this way? I know OneDrive, at least with my experience on Android with CloudPlayer, has an API one can use so that entire files don’t need to be downloaded in their entirety. cheers.

Not from within the app, but you can always map a folder to sync with OneDrive and have that folder monitored in Audirvana.

Admittedly this is not the best way of using the OneDrive storage. Are you looking to backup your music or to play directly from the cloud?

Admittedly this is not the best way of using the OneDrive storage. Are you looking to backup your music or to play directly from the cloud?

Eh, a bit of both. :slight_smile: Just makes it more convenient to have it in one place so it’s accessible from many devices.

For the time being I’ve managed the Library in Audirvana by adding a couple artist directories at a time within the Music directory, letting the files be downloaded from OneDrive and then manually “Freeing up Space” when the sync finishes. Not ideal but doable. :slight_smile: Then for playback, OneDrive will automatically download them as needed.

This make me miss Microsoft’s Groove Music, it wasn’t the best player, but the cloud handling was pretty seamless.