Can I create two libraries

Can I create 2 libraries

i think you can, but it will be playing with your two .sqlite before starting.

do the first one… add your music folder in prefs, let it sync and finish all its things… close Audirvana.
copy your .sqlite database somewhere in a folder named like you wanted it :slight_smile:

after, delete that .sqlite in the audirvana folder, remove your music folder in the prefs, add your second music folder for 2nd database, let it load all then again close Audirvana, copy the .sqlite to another folder named like you want to remember which is which.

since i never tried it, i am not sure if you have to save the preferences for each also. After finishing the first one and closed Audirvana , copy the 2 prefs files of Audirvana in user preferences folder…

after finishing the second one, copy those two same files to the second folder you made.

After that, when for exemple you start your computer the next day, you have to decide before which database you want to listen now… then, put the prefes in prefes folder and the .sqlite you want in its place… open Audirvana. If you want to change your database, close Audirvana, replace with the other prefs and the other .sqlite :slight_smile: not simple i know. And if you have me changes in your tags or something in the first .sqlite before replacing for the second database you have to copy it to replace your old first or second one database… :slight_smile:

and if i remember well your name… Do a backup before playing with all that :slight_smile:

Thanks sounds very confusing besides I don’t know what a .sqlite database is or where to find it. I’ll stick with one library I think. Thank you for the very speedy reply.

In the preferences of audirvana where you add your folder you can see the path of the .sqlite

But yes, for the moment better stay safe with one :grinning:

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