Can I stream to Sonos

Just downloaded trial. Playing music off my NAS to speakers attached to PC. Is it possible to stream to my Sonos speakers? If so, are there instructions? I could not find anything in the app about connecting to my network/sonos.

Thank you!

If you’re on a Mac you can use AirPlay to play to Sonos speakers. On a PC you’ll need a third party app.

Bitracer: you just opened a new venue for me… I keep my music on a Mac, PC and the Master Library on my NAS. Not being a Mac guy, I just streamed my first song from Mac to Sonos. Thanks!

Can you recommend a third party app that works on the PC to stream to Sonos? Would that app use or leverage Audirvana? I am trying to find the value proposition of using Audirvana instead of the Sonos app. Advice and suggestions appreciated.

With Audirvana you get nice library management.

For AirPlay from a PC, just search the forums for „Sonos“. This question pops from time to time.

How does one get the Mac to see the Sonos speakers and start the streaming? I assume Audirvana is not part of this approach?

Sorry, very new at this.

You can use AirPlay to stream to it. Just select the speaker from the AirPlay menu.

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