Can I transfer Audirvana 3.5 license from Mac to Windows?

Hello: I am migrating from macOS to Windows 10. I have a license for Audirvana 3.5. I tried deactivating the license on my MacBook Pro, downloading Audirvana3.5 to my HP Spectre. But the Windows installation wouldn’t recognize the license key. I entered it twice, and checked carefully to make sure I had input it correctly, but it doesn’t work.

Hello @jeeb,

The license key you have can only be used on the MacOS version of Audirvāna 3.5. This is why you can’t use it on your W10 computer.

Do you still have a MacOS computer or not at all?


I have a seperate license for both macOS and Windows for 3.5

I have a six-year-old MacBook Pro, but it won’t be my primary computer anymore. That’s why I want Audirvana 3.5 on my new Windows

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