Can not read SACD-ISO files

Hello ,
Using Audirvana 3.5.14 (3544) for MacOS, I can not read SACD-ISO files. Some SACD-ISO file tracks (DSD64 or DSD128) can not be loaded. Playback of some tracks does not start. Other tracks of same file run correctly.
DSF file playback works well.

Please, Help me.

Mac OS 10.14.5 with 16384Mb RAM

The same problem with me.

When playing SACD-ISO file, it plays top tracks with no problem. But when I click the track on the bottom, it shows “Unable to open audio file for playback”.

Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.14 (3544)
macOS 10.14.5 with 16384MB RAM

Are you playing to a 44.1kHz limited audio device? (That is playing the SACD ISO downsampled to simple CD quality)?
If yes, then I have reproduced this issue, and working on a fix.

The fix is in 3.5.15 I’ve just released

newbie here. just considering backing up my SACD collection to .ISO files. will I be able to play MCH directly from .iso files. Will Mac output MCH over hdmi to external unit or should I use mch DAC over USB port.