Can Qobuz/Audirvana/MBP be streamed via AirPlay?

My question for the experts:

Can streamed music from Qobuz/Audirvana be sent from my MBP to another device via AirPlay?



Hello @matt,

You can send audio through Airplay with Audirvana.

There is a regression not fixed by Apple since OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) that makes the AirPlay device unavailable to any application other than iTunes (it is not even listed in Audio Midi Setup application). Until Apple fixes this, there is a workaround to get it back:

  1. Option/alt click on the loudspeaker icon on the menu bar

  2. Select AirPlay in the selection menu that appears

  3. You can then select AirPlay in Audirvana Audio Device Settings.

If the loudspeaker icon is not displayed on the menu bar, you can show it by going to System Preferences, Sounds page, and set the “Show loudness in menu bar” option.

In addition, be sure iTunes is not set to use the Airplay device.

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Many thanks @Antoine


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