Can Studio bet set to random select and play tracks from my library?

Just started using Studio after a period with ROON.

I am delighted with the audio quality and control functionality of Studio but the one thing I miss is the so called ‘radio’ function offered by ROON.

This ‘radio’ function will start playing tracks from my library chosen at random by the software and continue playing that way automatically without me having to create a dedicated playlist.

This is attractive because it is full of surprises as tracks are chosen which come to me ‘fresh’ because I may not even have listened to them at all, intentionally.

I have a library of 18,000 tracks so i have probbaly never heard quite a lot of them before.

Am I missing a settting that I could use to do the same thing already, with Audirvana Studio?

As I understand it I have to physically build my own playlists to get anywhere close to this ROON function.

OR maybe there is a way to do this already built into Studio. If so I would like to know how to set it up

Thanks Geoff

Weird…So, you may have loads of music you don’t like?

Haven’t done this lately, but for years I’ve always just set Audirvana to Tracks view and clicked the shuffle play symbol. If I’m understanding correctly, that’s what you want, to shuffle play your entire collection?

Will take a look tomorrow and see if this is still correct.

I have loads of music and I do listen to selected ‘CDs’ but I often enjoy following. that up with a random play session where the ROON software chooses tracks from my library which is for me an enjoyable way to random in that 18,000 tracks I spoke about which have accumulated over the 40 years or so I have been collecting my music.

I would like to do the same in Audirvana which IMO has a better sounding audio engine

Are you going to tell me that you listen straight through to all the music you have accquired and are completely familar with every track on a daily basis?

Thanks Jud. I will try that myself

Every album I buy, I listen to. In fact, I listen to pretty much every album I buy before purchase… often more than once, if it makes the grade, I’ll buy it.
That aside, I’ll fancy listening to one of my albums, so I’ll play it.
Random tracks from my collection could be a bit jarring, jumping from Tracy Chapman to New York Dolls, or from Bear Ryan to Public enemy… I tend to play albums rather than trtacks, per se.

Tried it this morning, and yep, works fine. If there’s any hitch for you, just come back here to the thread and ask.

Thanks tried it and as you say it works fine as you said

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