Can’t change active audio device from iOS app

AS 1.9 running on Big Sur, Ethernet connection. When I tap a different audio device on the iOS app it just doesn’t get selected.

You mean in AS itself? If so check if the little padlock is turned off. It needs to be off to be able to switch audio devices. It should be off when you stop listening to music.

In my case it’s on since i’m listening to music. :wink:

The operating system on Mac computers is called macOS. iOS is only for iPhones and iPads.

I think @md127 may actually be attempting to change his playback device with Audirvana Remote on iPhone/iPad, as opposed to the ‘core’ Studio program.

@Ironz exactly! Apologies if I wasn’t clear earlier.
AS is running on Mac OSX Big Sur 11.6.1
Remote is running on iPhone 12 iOS 14.8.1

I’m trying to change the active device on AS from the iOS app (acting as AS remote) while the player is paused.

When you have clicked pause button there is a stop button that appear… it as to be stopped before changing…


Yep that’s it! Thanks for pointing out.

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