Can´t connect Remote with Windows PC

I have problems with Remote on Android and Audirvana for Windows 10. Every time I start Audirvana, 3 applications appear in the “Allow apps to communicate through WIndows Defender Firewall” list. Currently there are 15 applications called Audirvana.
The problem is that every time the new 3 apps are added, they must be allowed in the Firewall otherwise Remote doesn´t connect.
I have a headless setup so Remote is the only way I can control Audirvana.
I need a solution please.

Hello i have the same problem…

Nobody from Audurvana Team read this post? Do you remember that we have paid for this software and it is not working as expected???

Hello @FedericoC, we do look at every post on the forum. What you see in the firewall setting is normal since every time we make an update you need to allow it in your firewall since the app changed his signature. This is the same for every UWP app.

Every 3 updates you need to enter a pairing code again?

No, every update I have to allow three new apps called Audirvana that appears in the “Allowed apps and features” window shown before. If I don´t o that I can´t connect with the Remote.

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