Can’t download the trial version windows 10 / App Installer

I bought today Audirvana and got a serial number.
Then went to my Win 10 PRO. It works perfectly with the Store where I have downloaded other apps, Then try to download App Installer; only this app says that will not work with my device!
I made 100 different options and tryouts. All Failed.

So, I reinstalled the machine from scratch. Everything is updated and functional but still got the same denial message from App Installer.

Is there another way to install Audirvana?


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Hello @evalverde, Which version of Windows 10 are you currently in? Are you in 1909?

Have the same issue here on Windows 10 Home 1709 (Version 1709, Systembuild 16299.1127, developer on). It says my system is not valid for the appinstaller data and that I should upgrade to the newest version of Windows 10. My PC tells me that my Windows 10 is up-to-date and don’t require any update (last update on 1st March KB4023057). Any cue?

Hello @Vincent_Ovaert, if Windows 10 don’t automatically update to the next build then you can force it by downloading the Windows 10 update assistant here:

Hi Damien! Thanks for the quick reply! Currently upgrading to 1909… Will let you know if it resolve my problem. Thx again.

Thank Damien

I fixed the problem like this, 1) reinstalling and activating 2) downloading the win10updateassistant and update to V. 1909 (18636,693) 3) Now I can get AppInstaller from the store 4) Installing Audirvana “first”. 5) making a “recovery point” (please do!)
(notes: some extra software like browsers and ASIO drivers may lead to startup black screen or system instability)

Now, after one weekend lost in into Microsoft nuances, I hope to come tonight to my ML ESL and test you software. Looks promising

GOSH !! I will get a Mac!!!
PS: why there is not a stand alone installer?

After upgrade to version 1909, I could install Audirvana. Thanks to @Antoine for advice to Windows 10 upgrade assistant. Looking foreward to test your software on my Phantoms!

Hello @evalverde, We do not use stand alone installer anymore since we are using modern application capability that make the development of Audirvana easier and faster.

May I ask if there are anyways to install for 1709? As the windows update in my office computer is control by my company, I cannot update to 1909 by myself. Please help, thanks so much!

Hello @Patrick_Ting, I would recommend you to ask them when they will plan to update your Windows 10 as 1709 is a really, really old version of Windows 10 which is not supported anymore (if you are on LTSC it’s maybe not the same). You can’t install Audirvana on 1709 because it doesn’t support App-Installer.

Audirvana trial was working fine till it expired. Now have purchased a license and now it says check internet connection and try again. Did that everything works fine. So uninstalled the entire app and restarted the computer and trying to reinstall it and unable to. Gets stuck on the Launch application screen. What do I do from here. Kindly advise.
Running Windows 10 Pro 2004.
Thanks & Regards,
Dr. Pavan

Hello @Pavan1112, can you click on App Installer in this window? You will see the Open link button be available, click on it and the installation of Audirvana will start.

Did that and this screen shows up.

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I’m sorry for the inconvenience, there is actually an issue on the website due to our host provider, they are actually working on it. Since the package depends on the website, it will be available in the next hours (we don’t have a precise time for it… sorry).

Sure. Will wait up. Hope it works post that.


It’s not on the same server, this is why it works :wink:

Sure. Could you ping me once it’s sorted.

Any updates on the resolution with your host provider

Unfortunately, our hosting provider has still not solved the expired SSL certificate issue.

You can however bypass this issue by using one of the two following methods:

  1. Change the time of your computer to Sunday, July 19th

On Windows, open Parameters, then click on “Date and Time”. In the Date and Time panel, unselect “set time automatically”, then click on the “Modify” button to set the date.

On macOS, open System Preferences, then click on “Date and Time “ to set the date.

After having installed and activated the Audirvana license, you can set back the date to now, by selecting “set time automatically”.

  1. On macOS: approve the expired certificate

Using Safari, enter the address

You get an error message telling the browsing is not secure/ connection is not private.

Click on the “Display Details” button. This shows the extended error message.

At the bottom you have a link “visit this website”. Click on it. Click again on “Visit the website” button in the confirmation popup. You’ll then have to use touch id or enter your admin password to confirm again.

The SSL certificate is then in the approved list.

You can then activate your license in Audirvana.

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Changing the date works to download but then get no valid license error.