Can the A+ remote show the PDF files?

just wondering if using A+ remote will it be able to show PDF files that might be attached to the album (booklets)?


select “browse” then find your cd, tap on it and will open a window with all the tracks, in the right upper corner you’ll see the icon of the pdf

Hi, this is an old topic but I have just tried the new Audirvana Remote 2.0 and I cannot find any way to display my liner notes in the app. All my locally stored albums have an accompanying pdf describing the album. Worked very well with previous versions. I hope this feature hasn’t been dumped? Thanks

Hi again,
stefano_mbp, thanks for your answer but there is no symbol in my version of Audirvana Remote version 2.1.1 on iOS 13.2.2 on iPad Pro. However I found that I could swipe the tracks list of a given album to the left (there are two dots on top indicating this). This opens up an empty page at first BUT if one remains (patience!) on that page for a while it will load and display the pdf located in the same folder as the tracks. Mystery solved!