Can the AS Remote work the opposite way?

I’ve downloaded and installed Audirvana Remote from the App Store. With Remote I can control Audirvana running on my Mac. That works fine.

However, can I do the opposite? I want Audirvana Studio to ‘serve’ music to another device in my house (e.g. an Android device). Is it possible to use AS as a music server and have another device ‘receive’ the music from AS in bit-perfect quality (i.e. in exactly the same quality AS would play it on my MAC)?

Hello @TazLondon,

Does your Android device have BubbleUpnp on it? If it’s the case then you need to open Bubble UPnP on it and you should be able to select it in the audio output of Studio (and the Remote).

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Hi Damien. My Android device is actually an Android-based DAP running UAPP - that has a UPnP Renderer that can be started as a service from within UAPP. I started that and I can select it as my output device.

It works great!

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