Cannot change metadata

I’m having problems when I try to change the titles of an album or other items in the metadata. If I do it using the Audirvana interface, I get an error message saying “X tracks have not been updated, probably due to a write permission issue”.

Since the metadata is stored in an sqlite data base, I have also tried to use an sqlite editor but when I do that I also get an error message saying. “An error occurred while committing the data: no such function: get_album_artists”.

Has anybody encountered this problem. How should I go about solving it? Thanks.


Take it out of your media folder to desktop, use a real tag editor perhaps. I’m on Mac and decided it’s easier to use Yate. The free version is great if you only need it to do a couple corrections but I thought it’s a good value and purchased it.

X tracks have not been updated, probably due to a write permission issue”.
That’s frustrating for sure.

Hi @jfontana

Can’t go wrong with @OffRode’s recommedation if you’re on a Mac.
If on Windows however, I can vouch for dBpoweramp/PerfectTUNES, the latter having a very good id tag editor. I’m sure there are a fair-few others, but I’ve had nothing but success with PT.
Good luck :+1:

Maybe it is the music that is lock…

Thanks guys. The problem with tag editors like Yate is that you have to change things album by album (if I’m not mistaken). I had hoped that with an sqlite database one could do more sophisticated batch changes. Also, I have music in DSD iso format that does not allow for regular tagging formats. Yet, you should be able to add and change metadata from within Audirvana or using an Sqlite editor.

I will look into Yate, however, when I was in Windows I knew of a few good tag editors like dBpoweramp (good advice, Ironz) but I had not found anything remotely as good for the Mac. So, OffRode’s tip is very welcome.

RunHomeSlow, I don’t understand what you mean by the music being lock.


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Apple music might be lock outside iTunes??
on a Mac you just have to get info on a file and lock it if you want.

Ah, ok. No, the metadata I was trying to change had nothing to do with iTunes. I actually never use iTunes. I don’t want to have anything to do with it :smile:


Hello @jfontana,

Can you please right click on the folder containing your file in finder and select “Get Info”? On the Sharing & Permissions section, what do you see? Do you have the read & Write permission for you?

Hello Antoine,

For my user it has read & write, for user/group ‘staff’ and ‘everyone’ is Read only.

The solution is comical:

Move the album folder onto the desktop. Delete the folder from your Audirvana folder if it remains after moving to the desktop. Then drag it back in.