Cannot connect to Tidal account

I am using Audirvarna 3.5.45 on a win10 laptop & other than some early problems with remote it is behaving perfectly - thanks. I am now trying to connect Audirvarna to my Tidal account & the Tidal login screen comes up blank. I have checked Windows Defender & both Tidal & Audirvarna are allowed through the private network. Any suggestions are welcome

Hello @Snowy,

Do you have Microsoft Edge in your computer?

Yes It installs by default

When you open Audirvana, do you have a warning message about launching Audirvana as administrator?

No there is no warning message

By the way thanks for replying so promptly

Can you check your UAC settings?

It is set to “Notify me only when applications try to make changes to my computer (default)”

Are you using the latest version of Microsoft Edge? Which version of Windows 10 you are using? Home, Pro or N edition?

I am using Edge V 89.0.774.63 64bit which apparently is up to date.
Also running Windows 10 Home, V2004, Build 19041.867 64bit
Thanks Damien

Can you try to update to the latest version of Windows 10 and try to log to Tidal again?

I have updated Windows to V 20H2 but the Tidal login screen is still blank. Thanks for continuing this troubleshoot on Easter Friday :slightly_smiling_face:

I am on holiday for a few days. I’ll continue this conversation later next week.

The problem is Windows use Apple products— I almost never have a problem that isn’t easily fixable just my observations most of anyone’s problems with A+3 ROON Qobuz TIDAL are Windows related.

OK so the Tidal log in screen is still blank. What do you suggest now? Thanks

Hi Damien. A little concerned I haven’t heard any more from you since 2 April. My problem still persists. I see krautio raised exactly the same problem on 5 Jan in a thread titled “Tidal continuously asks to login” & you offered no solution in the thread. Did you resolve krautio’s problem & if so what was the solution?