Cannot create Audirvana Account

Dear Community, Dear Audirvana Team,

I am not able to create an account, I already tried some times. I am always receiving the error prompt “can’t seem to find the account” within the browser login window, the client does not do anything at all. I am using the password that has been sent within the first mail from you.

Maybe a problem with your login provider? Otherwise I also would be happy If it is my mistake :slight_smile:


have you try in another browser maybe?

Clear cookies/cache perhaps? Seems to ring a bell

Thanks for your replies - attempted as you proposed, but not solved so far. Does neither work in browser nor in the client. Problem appears to be rooted elsewhere.

Are you able to create a new account?

Strange. I’ve logged in to both my accounts successfully earlier today. It would appear the problem might be on your side.

I guess you’ll have to wait for Antoine to get back into the office. Not sure if tomorrow is a bank holiday in France, like it is in the Netherlands. We always celebrate two days of Pentecost here, just like we do with Christmas and Easter.

My issue is not about logging in, its about creating a new account - Question is whether you are able to create a new one.

Thanks for your reply anyway. I am from Germany, so same thing here with Pentecost :slight_smile:

Hello @vlac123,

You had to click on the button in the mail you received. We activated your account for you :wink:

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This seems to be an ongoing issue… I am trying to sign up today, have tried on multiple browsers, operating systems, and even on my phone’s mobile network to rule things out there, and no luck. I really want to try studio as I think it would work well for me, but man this is frustrating.

Hello @mikek587, I can see what is going on, can you please give me the information you put in the form in a private message on the forum so I can generate a link for you?

Hello @mikek587,

Thank you for the information, you should now be able to log to your account using the password you had in the latest mail you received from us :wink:

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