Cannot delete album from library view: no "OK" button

Facing the situation where two albums with identical name but different artists, I tried to delete one album:

  • Clicked on “…” menu on the cover of that album.
  • Select 'Delete album".
  • Got a popup with a message “Are your sure you want to remove XX tracks”
  • BUT: no OK button, only a CANCEL one!!

And by the way, it should be good to have some checks performed by Audirvana when two albums have the same name. An error message, or a proposed change of the name of the new album for example would be good.

On my side, I discovered that the new album appeared with the right cover but with the tracks of another album…

A bit weird and hard to track. Fortunately, as I have a limited trust in the import facility, I always check the results. And I finally managed to change the album name, remove it from the folders, resync, and add the new album, and resync. A bit complicated for an error that should be easy to track.

Do you have a screenshot of this?

Are they in the same folder name?

Bonjour Antoine,
Here is the screenshot:

And, YES, the two albums are in the same folder.
When I imported the new one I was surprised not to see it added and counted in the total number. I then finally discovered that an older album with exactly the same name (But different artist) has been reused and the cover updated with the one from the new album.

I think that Audirvana should raise an error during sync when facing such situations…


Do you know if the tracks of the newly added album had the album metadata before you added them in Audirvāna Studio? To work properly, Audirvāna Studio need the title of track and album and if the album metadata is not in the tracks, it takes the folder name to be able to display the tracks.

Apparently, the newly added album had everything in the metadata. To confirm that I opened it with a tag editor and that is how I noticed the album title was identical to another album.

And, after having modified the title with the tag editor (By adding the artist name to the title) I was able to import it successfully with everything correct from title to tracks, and including cover.