Cannot Install Audirvana (trusted certificate issue)

Hi Guys,

Since i´ve upgraded my windows 10 version, i can no longer install audirvana due “trusted certificate issue”. Can you guys fix it, please?

That´s the error message:

This app package is not signed with a trusted certificate. Contact your system administrator or the app developer to obtain a new certificate or app package with trusted certificates. The root certificate and all immediate certificates of the signature in the app package must be trusted (0x800B010A)

If you send this to they will hel you.

Is you windows up to date?
Maybe it is missing some recent trusted root certification authority changes.

I think that windows latest update ( developer version 11) has an issue with audirvana 3.5 “trusted certification”. On AS, for instance, windows 11 works flawless. I’m still waiting for a solution to the case.


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