Cannot Install SysOptimizer

I f I try to install SysOptimizer on my Apple M1 Mac mini I get the following error:-

“SysOptimizer Error
There was an error executing SysOptimizer. Not all Optimizations may be done.
Error=The operation couldn’t be completed.
(CFError DomainLaunchID error 4)
It works on my MacBook Pro M1 but not on my MacMini M1
Any suggestions would be very welcome. I really want Audirvana Studio to work; the sound is far superior to Roon.

I have the same problem with Mac mini and big sur

Maybe it’s still too early to decide to install the studio version

Hello Simoncs and Francesco,

I have the same problem as many others.
There’s a bug that Damien should fix.

But there’s a big thread already about this issue.
Find it and post there.