Cannot open app package

Hi, I’m a trying to install audirvana but for some reason my ms-appinstaller protocol is disabled.
has anyone faced a similar issue or know how to solve it?
I am running windows 11


Hello @Royjas,

We added a button on the download page if you have this issue, can you click on it?

this looks to be an issue with the most current App Installer version: 1.16.13405.0, we started having this issue this morning as well. We opened a ticket with Microsoft and noticed that Microsoft latest App Installer version that was the issue. Our ticket with Microsoft is set as a priority and they are currently looking into it to see if we can revert back the version or installing a new release.

Hello @CubanElite8,

You are right about it, it’s only with the latest version of App Installer. I don’t think you will be happy with the response you will get from Microsoft. Basically they stopped using the protocol they used to have to update apps so you have to handle it inside the app in a different way (they added documentation about it the day they stopped the protocol, earlier this week). We are working on this for the next update of Audirvāna Studio.

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My Studio says there is a new version but I get the error message if I try to update. I am on windows 10.

It looks like an automatic update has installed 1.8.8 now but without the usual list of what was included in the update.

Cannot open app package.

£60 wasted & free Winamp or Foobar is better. Hmmm.

It comes to something when even Foobar has a better UI!

Hello @Coojee,

You need to use this link to get the update: Download - Audirvana

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