Cannot play DSD file

I just installed the 30 days trial version of Audirvana for use with my Mac OS EI Capitan ver 10.11.6 and my Auralic Vega DAC. I wanted to play some DSD64 file but Audrivana said DSD not supported but only support PCM rate up to 384KS/s. So when I played the music, the Auralic Vega will show 352KS instead. Can you advise how I can get Audirvana to support the DSD rate


Hello, I have exacly the same problem: with my MSB Platinum IV dac with USB 2 added card…with others player I’m testing, DSD file type is correctly shown on MSB display, …Audirvana only shown 352,5 khz 24 bit type. Moreover also for me, on the settings of Audirvana, appear that DSD is not supproted. thank you.

I was thinking the same thing - had to choose the Native DSD streaming method first - then the Supported DSD rates appeared…

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I actually have solved the problem by switching to the other USB port on my Macbook. Might be the first USB port is now powerful enough. Now I want to know how much is the difference is the standard software when compares with the 30 days trial software… What other stuff will I get if I paid and ordered the software.

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