Cannot play files above 16/44.1

I am using Trial version A studio, via my MAC pro lap top streaming to my Audionet DNC…

  • all files (16/44.1) from local drive/qobuz work fine.
  • yet all files above 16/44.1 cannot work (whether from local drive or Qobuz). I could get only static or “zzz” sound …
  • I switch back to previous audirvana 3.5, then all things work fine again.

Is this because I use a trail version (vs a paid version)? or I have to adjust some settings?


I changed the DAC input by selecting “do not use RAW PCM”, now it works fine. It indicates “only for Device with issues …” my DAC is Audionet DNC… seems it does not work on RAW PCM format… anyway it works now.


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