Cannot play own files

Hi all,
trying Audirvana, I found that Audirvana apparently does not see my local files (on D:>music), although the path is mentioned in the library section. How can I get to my personal collection?
Going directly in Windows 10 to D:>music and trying to open a music file, windows gives no option for playing with audirvana. Any suggestion will be appreciated!
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One immediate option to verify your files is to drag and drop a file/folder from the mentioned location directly into the play queue. If all is well you should be able to begin listening to what you dragged over.

Hi Pas,

thank you for the suggestion. I do control-C and right click I can copy a music file to another location on my laptop. When in the play queue, Audirvana does not respond to the control-v combination, nor the right click. But maybe I overlook another approach?
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I meant drag and drop in this instance. Keep it simple at first by selecting one audio file. Single click, hold, drag this file over to the play queue in Audirvana - you will see your cursor change. Once you do release. If this works you can expand by clicking and dragging several items over at once using the same method. Again, this is to prove your files are playable. A quick workaround until you are able to determine what might truly be wrong.

Just add this folder in the monitored folders section. It will automatically scan the contents and build the library.

You can than play the files from there.

Hi Bitracer,
that is exactly what I did, and Audirvana sees it. Maybe it is put off by the subdirectories? I guess I have some 80 subdirectories there, from annual (e.g., 1966) to artist, and below that again albums…


Thinking of it, is there a preferred format for the library? In my folders I have some jpeg’s of the original artwork as well…

Artwork is ok, but check if you have folders with weird punctuation on the letters or special characters. Same goes for files and metadata.

Thx, bitracer, I will do so, it may take some time… :smile:

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