Cannot Save Radios That Are Entered Via URL

If I copy and paste a high quality radio and it’s playing just fine the heart symbol cannot be toggled to save in favorites.
Perhaps I’m missing something here, any ideas?

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Hello @OffRode,

for the moment it’s not possible to save a radio entered via URL but this is a possibility we will add in a future update of Studio. In the meantime you can add the radio URL you want to have as favorites in a playlist.

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@Antoine , Thanks that works a treat. While it saves a good list there’s no way to edit metadata as far as album column or artist so as to have a descriptor it keeps putting as album the same url ( not the correct one) over and over.

Hi !
I am trying to save URL radio stream to favorites in AS 1.7.1 for Mac

Stream is playing ok

I am reading here and somewhere else before, that for now is not possible and advice is to add such a stream to playlist.
Unfortunately I don’t know how I can add URL radio stream as playlist item
Any help is greatly appreciated
Thank you !

Hi Derek, Did your numbers come in ? Make a play list for your radio stations then play the station, go to the queue list and do an add to playlist from there. You cannot edit the artist / station name label yet I think but if you can identify by the URL your set

Some good hi-rez stations here
best of luck

Thank you !

Unfortunately I am still poor. No Sonus Faber Aida speakers in the near future.

Maybe next week I will have more luck.
I will notify you when I will get rich. :slight_smile:

Your instructions worked ok. Thanks again !
I have this stream saved now as playlist.
This station is included with AS but only up to 128 kb/s
This 256 stream sound quality is much better.
Slowly this AS is getting better.
Still some cosmetic glitches here and there but it is not possible to make everybody happy !
For me ver.3.5.51 on Windows 10 is working ok and AS on Mac Mini Late 2014 is playing very good.
Sound quality is good even from mac mini audio output with no DAC connected.
For now I have only one Zen Dac Ver.1 and usually is connected to Windows PC.
I have to buy new Dac for MAC Mini
Durring Toronto Audiofest Audio Excellence store is going to have Ifi products for sale according to Adrian owner.
I got info from him.
Maybe will be some discounts I hope.
He said that they will have great deals from Ifi

Derek , glad to hear that the radio playlist is working for you. Copy and paste some of the ones in the article" CD Quality Internet Radio " the Radio Paradise is a good one.
Enjoy The Music…Enjoy The Magic !

We still need a way to add radio streams entered by url to favorites. Also ability to edit your station name and information in a playlist.

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Hello @OffRode,

We are aware of this but we have to do the folder view in priority, we will see what we can do about this feature as soon as possible.


Not holding my breath at this point, lowest possible priority it would seem. Thanks Guys

This is still not working. trying to save added radio stream to favorites does not work. There is not an option for it

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