Can't access QNAP on other computers

If I register the multimedia music folder of QNAS in the Audirvana Local Library , it becomes exclusive and I cannot access QNAS from other PCs.
I delete it from the library, then I can access it.

Hello @koisan_mac,

It’s strange what you describe. We are using a Synology on our side on multiple device we can access to the same tracks without an issue. How have you mapped your QNAP in your computer?

Thanks for your quick response.
For reference, the music server(DELA N1-0B32) can be accessed by all PCs without any problems.
The MacBook Air 2020 on Big Sur Ver. 11.6 can access both N1-0B32 and QNAS (TS-251A), and the MacBook can also access the music folder in multimedia(QNAS) in Local Library by launching Audirvana at first. When I registered folder, I could access N1-0B32 in Finder on MacBook, but not QNAS.
I registered a different user in Users & Groups, logged in, logged off, restarted, deleted the registered user, and QNAS was accessible.
I’m running Windows 10 Ver. 21H1 and I can access N1-0B32 on all my recently updated PCs, but I can’t access QNAS anymore. (Lenovo NoteBook, Panasonic NoteBook, Acer Desktop, HP desktop, etc.)
When I installed Audirvana for Windows, I was able to register QNAS in Local Library at first, but while I was operating Audirvana on MacBook Air, QNAS disappeared in Windows 10 Explorer before I knew it and I couldn’t access it.
I have the above symptoms, but I can log in to QNAS on all Windows PCs and MacBook Air, then I can access N1-0B32 and QNAS using Qfinder(QNAS Software).

Noboru Koike

It seems to be a login issue. Have you tried to map your QNAS again on both MacOs and Win 10? Also, how is your network drive configured?

You are mistaken about the symptoms of the problem in my PCs environment.
I’m assuming that this bug is caused by a bug in Windows 10 pro 21H1.
Before this version, it was mapped correctly in File Explorer.

I’ve been using PCs for over 40 years, so I understand the rudimentary Windows File Explorer operation. I can see DELA(N1-0B32) in Map network drive, but QNAS (TS-251A) is not mapped.
QNAS is set to a fixed IP address, DELA’s music server is dependent on the router.
However, in the Finder of MacBook Air, N1-0B32 and TS-251A are normally displayed and can be accessed.
Audirvana for Windows can’t access QNAS, so I can’t add music data to my library. But the music data of N1-0B32 can be added to the library.
With the MAC version of Audirvana, music data from both servers can be added to the library without any problems.

Noboru Koike

Oh Ok it’s now more clear to me, thank you for the clarification.

Does your computers have Windows Hello activated and configured?

Thank you for all your advice.
I contacted QNAS tech support and explained the symptoms of the QNAS blocking access from Windows 10. They were able to fix the problem by operating externally to the QNAS and windows 10 PC directly online.
From the operation, I found that the handshake between SMB of Windows 10 and SMB of QNAS was faulty and QNAS blocked the IP address of Windows 10 PC.
Although it is not a recommended action, I unblocked the QNAS to Windows SMB.

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