Can't Add A Song To A Tidal Playlist

When I open the mini player and click on the + button and try to add a song to my Tidal playlist it does not get saved in that playlist. So I have to open Tidal, search for the song there and save it to the Tidal playlist from there.

Also, it would be great to have the + button in the main player next to the album image and the heart, so I can quickly save a song in the Tidal playlist from the main player without needing to open the mini player to save the song in a playlist from there.

Also, next to each song and album in the search results and next to all playlists, please add a button to add them to a playlist that is currently playing with ‘play next’ and ‘add to play queue’. This will allow to add music from search results and other playlists to a playlist that is currently playing.

Currently if I play a playlist and then search for a track or album and click on it in the search results, it closes the current playlist and plays the new music instead. I would like to add the music that I search for to the current playlist that is playing so that I can listen to it and then continue playing the current playlist without losing my position in the playlist. I used to be able to do it with Tidal -