Can't connect Remote software to ACTIVE computer

Can not connect to Surface Pro on my n

Tried all the router reset, firewall permissions, yada yada yada tricks I’m aware of. I’ve evrn removed and re-installed Audirvana Remote app.



Hello @michael.anda ,

Are you trying to connect to Audirvana Studio or 3.5 ? Are you using the latest version of them?

In the Remote you are able to see your Surface or not at all?

That was with 3.5. I see the computer I want at times. Other times I see another my desktop. I would like to have my desktop connected to Audirvana the most. The Surface Pro is usually in play on my balcony.

So you never saw the Surface in your Remote?

I have seen the Surface and my Samsung portables and occasionally find a connection to them. I have better luck connecting to my all-in-one desktops, though. Right now I’m not making the connection from my desktop. Something is seriously wrong with my setup it would seem.