Can't create a new playlist, nor delete old ones

Since a few days, I can’t create a new playlist (or smart playlist), nor delete old ones : “new playlist” appears in the playlist edit window, but once I try to edit filters, it disappears. For old ones, the trash icon nor right-click menu won’t work.

Audirvana Mac Version 1.6.4 (10604)
macOS 11.5.2 with 24576MB RAM

Hello @SH0001,

Can you send us a screenshot of your playlist manager so we can see all of your playlist?


Thank you for your reply. Like this ?

When I create a new smart playlist and rename it (here “Bliss”), it won’t appear in the navigator :

Renaiming failed, there stille remains “New playlist” (in Japanese “新規プレイリスト”). But nothing happened by clicking it.

When you rename or create your playlist, do you press Enter on your keyboard?


Hello @SH0001,

We made an update of Studio today, can you install it and try to reproduce your issue again?

The problems still remain.

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