Can't create a new playlist, nor delete old ones

Since a few days, I can’t create a new playlist (or smart playlist), nor delete old ones : “new playlist” appears in the playlist edit window, but once I try to edit filters, it disappears. For old ones, the trash icon nor right-click menu won’t work.

Audirvana Mac Version 1.6.4 (10604)
macOS 11.5.2 with 24576MB RAM

Hello @SH0001,

Can you send us a screenshot of your playlist manager so we can see all of your playlist?


Thank you for your reply. Like this ?

When I create a new smart playlist and rename it (here “Bliss”), it won’t appear in the navigator :

Renaiming failed, there stille remains “New playlist” (in Japanese “新規プレイリスト”). But nothing happened by clicking it.

When you rename or create your playlist, do you press Enter on your keyboard?