Can't create an account for the first time


I’m not able to create an account for trial test, I have tried two differents email addresses and I get the password, activate the account but I can’t login because it says: “We can’t seem to find your account”
I’ve tried to recover the password and I have receive in the email address the verification code but when I hit continue it says again the issue with the account not found.

Please I need to try Audirvana.


Have you tried logging in the app itself…
in preferences, account tab?

I can’t since I don’t have the app installed, I’m trying to download it and get the trial.

I can’t create the account on the website.

I have switched browsers, clean my cache, switch to another computer.
There might be an issue with the user creation process???

Go on forum faq page… damien posted links for installers mac and pc i think

sorry i’m on a mac… try this link… for PC

I’m on mac as well but this is an account issue not an installer.
I’ll try tomorrow if I can create the account, I was able to download the mac installer but when I try to open the app it prompts for the serial/activation and I can’t login without the account.

Thanks for the help

Wait for @Damien or @Antoine will surely check that in the morning in couple of hours for France :slight_smile:

I have the same exact issue on a pc. I mean exactly.Been driving me crazy and I have tried everything also.
Different computers browsers, etc. It’s a problem on Audirvana’s end and no help whatsover which makes me wonder why I am even trying it and wasting my time! Roon works perfectly with incredible support!!Antoine’s answer was to go to this forum. What a waste off time!!!

Any updates on this?
I’ve tried a couple of times and I couldn’t get the login.

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Have someone tried to create a new account to reproduce the issue?
Still waiting for the fix, I really want to try Audirvana.

Me and My friend have the same problem “An account could not be found for the provided user ID.” but emails from Audirvana is sending correct ‘Audirvana Users account email verification code’

I have the same problem !
it’s quite worrying for a test…
i have tried many times over the past two days and still have the same outcome …

@Antoine any thoughts?

There have been these very last days two bugs on our mailing provider servers for which I’ve developed two workarounds,
The last one is now up and running, and the link to confirm your account creation in the email is again working.
So now you can click again on the “Try Audirvāna Studio” button in the email you have received after having filled the account creation form on This will confirm your account creation, and lead you to the download page.

Thank you so much. It works perfectly now. I can test it and am already very interested in this software.

Thank you, I’m already testing it and I love it.
I have a Denon DNP-800NE and I can send my music library via UPnP and it works perfectly using the Audirvana remote app from my phone.