Can't delete Library after losing two HDD's worth of files

A few months ago, I unfortunately woke up one day to find that TWO of my hard drives had failed on me…at the same time…on the same day, apparently. And because of this, I lost 15+ years worth of MP3 & FLAC files I’d collected over those years (around 1.5 TB or so) that made up my Audirvana 3.5 library. I’ve since started trying to recover what I can of those files, and have wanted to use 3.5 to hear them as I do this, but for some reason I cannot seem to delete / erase my old library or get the software to add the new files. I’ve removed the directories for the old folders, added the new ones, rebuilt the database multiple times, re-scanned for new files, etc; nothing seems to work. Is there something I’m doing wrong here? If it matters, I’m a paid Lifetime purchaser of Audirvana 3.5 and the included license. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry for your loss :wink:

Try delete the database and relaunch Audirvana, it will give it a fresh start.

Thanks, Lolodesiles; I really appreciate the sentiments and direction. I’ve deleted the .SQL Audirvana.Audirvana file, but still cannot get my library to rest at all. Any further suggestions?

Have you deleted all the sql files ? if so, i really don’t know what the heck …

Uninstall & reinstall Audirvana maybe, sorry never had an issue like that :wink:

Agree, try removing Audirvana entirely. Then install fresh copy.

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