Can't delete monitored folders

Hi there. total newbie here but have been using audirvana for years. several months or more ago, i noticed that when i tried to delete certain monitored folders, they either wouldn’t delete or would delete partially. what’s left over can still be played. i’ve reloaded audirvana, deleted my squlite(?) files etc. and it eventually recurs again every single time. too much of a hassle to keep doing this, i’d hate to look for other software. is there a quick fix?

Hello @freddyn, have you checked the path of those “remaining” files? Does it correspond to the monitored folders you deleted?

how would i do that? all i know is that if i delete them using that function they totally disappear from my harddrive and not just audirvana.

I reported this last August:

Occasionally, I run into this as well with Audirvana for MacOS. Particularly if an Album record is corrupt. I resolve this as follows:

  1. move the album folder to a part not-monitored by Audirvana

  2. sync and restart Audirvana
    3.1 check if the files are removed from the library,
    if not
    a. check if the location in Audirvana refers to Trash, if so empty Trash
    if not
    b. in the Tracks view of the Library go the album tracks and delete the tracks
    3.2 sync and restart Audirvana
    This would resolve it.

  3. if you want a corrupt Album to be back in Audirvana without the corruptions, then move the album folder (you moved in step 1) back to the part monitored by Audirvana

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