Cant download a trial version for Win 10


I have recently re-installed Win 10 on my laptop and wanted to re-install Audirvana for Win 10. But, your web page doesn’t allow me to download a trial version to enter my license key later on.
What shall I do? I tried both Internet Explorer and Firefox (it shows an error page).

Hello @Eduards_Kuskoveckis, which version of Windows 10 are your using?

Hi Damien,

I’m using Win 10 Enterprise version.

I tries also do download a demo version via Google Chrome, but with no luck:(

did you installed App Installer? We use this app to install and update Audirvana. Are you able to install it from the Microsoft Store?

I tried to install it from Microsoft site, but again, I failed. Tried many times, but it doesn’t allow me to install or just shows a message like “we have encountered some problems”.
Is there any other ways how I can get and install Audirvana? New process seems to be complicated…

There is not other way to get Audirvana working on Windows 10. Does your company allows you to get app form the Microsoft Store?

Microsoft web page says “This app currently is available for desktop PC’s only”. I have laptop. I’ve lost myself to be honest.

I have quickly installed all necessary apps and only Audirvana update one is so complicated.

Really strange then, are you in 1909?

Hi Damien,

I managed to download required App installer and Audirvana itself after changing Win 10 version from enterprise to PRO x64 (re-installed Win 10).

Case is closed.

Thanks for patience.