Can't Find My Qobuz Personal Playlists in Audirvāna Studio

Hello @Damien,

D’abord merci beaucoup pour ce nouveau logiciel je suis très enthousiaste et je parcours déjà les nouvelles fonctionnalités,

Comme le titre le dis je ne trouve pas mes playlists que j’ai créé sur Qobuz, dans l’onglet Playlists de l’onglet Qobuz il y a toutes les playlists Qobuz mais pas les playlists personnelles,

Si les playlists personnelles Qobuz sont ailleurs je ne les ai pas trouvé.

Merci et bon lancement :slight_smile:

The Qobuz playlists can be found in the Playlist Editor on the top row - took me a bit of time to find it.


Thank you very much,

Not easy to use in this little tab,

It will be better to have the playlists in “my music”, and/or in Qobuz Playlists, A little bit more like Audirvana 3.5.

But you can create a shortcut to put a playlist in My music, excellent !!

This is something we plan to make for a future update of Studio :wink:


how do you create a shortcut?

got it , no need to answer. Unfortunately there is only a limited amount of shortcuts you can make…frankly I dont see the point of AS…will just stay with Audirvana 3.5.46 for the time being, it is doing everything I need.

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It is also possible to “let display” playlist window clicking on the symbol “|<” or “>|” either on left or right
This is a awesome functionality ^^

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