Can't find upnp (HQPlayer) anymore


Before I was running a wired network bridge on my mac mini, but that showed issues when going in sleep mode (the system would shut itself down) so I set up a wired network bridge on the other computer which works in every aspect, but for one. Now Audirvana doesn’t see the HQPlayer Embedded anymore on that system which is now hosting the bridge.


Hello @angelus1969, you should contact HQPlayer since your issue is related to the wake up process of your mac and the ability of HQPlayer to wake up at the same time.

Hello Damien,

I think I didn’t explain the issue properly :slight_smile:

In my setup there are 2 systems, one Mac Mini (running Audirvana) and one Gigabyte Brix (running HQPlayer Embedded). In the first scenario I set up a wired network bridge (using the internal and one USB ethernet port). In that case, Audirvana could see HQPlayer Embedded as a UPNP endpoint and play music through it. But that scenario had issues (on an OS level!) when the Mac would go into sleep mode (seems to be a bug in macOS). So I removed the bridge on the Mac and set it up on the Brix instead. But in that case, Audirvana suddenly can’t see HQPlayer anymore, even though the Mac itself can access/see the Brix. I can set up a Samba share on the Brix and mount it on the Mac, so Audirvana can use it. It is only that Audirvana can’t see the UPNP endpoint anymore, even though it could see/use it in the first scenario.

I hope this clarifies the issue.