Can't get Origin trial

I’ve run the Studio trial for a couple of days, then tried to get the Origin trial, but wasn’t allowed to get it. Please help.


Have you tried disconnecting from studio, then login in Origin?

Hello @FathaMike,

Have you tried to use the form here? Try Audirvāna - Download now and start a 30 Day free trial

Hello I am having trouble too with a free trial. I never used any iteration of audirvana before. When I click on the link that was sent to me by email to activate my free trial of Origin, i get this message
“The page that you are trying to access cannot be loaded.”

It is blocked by Microsoft Office Defender…

Anybody has a fix?

Big thanks!

Hello @jochop,

Can you send us a mail at with the mail you used to get your trial?

I managed to find a way…opened the link from my email website directly instead of going through windows mail manager…


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