Can't get the 3 Free Months for Tidal & Qobuz

Hi …

Even after getting the Full License, I can’t get the Free Months for both Tidal & Qobuz.

Thanks in advance for any help !



Thanks for the report.
It’s now fixed. You can request your extended trial vouchers to created your new accounts with extended trial on these services.


Ok thanks a lot !


I’ve purchased a license several days ago, but can’t find out how to get tidal and qobuz 3 monthes vouchers. Can you please help me, Damien? Thnx

The TIDAL/Qobuz 3 months free trial vouchers are meant for trying TIDAL/Qobuz by creating a new account. It is not valid for existing accounts.

To use your TIDAL/Qobuz voucher, you go to the Streaming section of Audirvana Plus settings page.
There you click on the “Get it” button. This retrieves your voucher.
Next step is to create your new TIDAL/Qobuz account.
For this, click on the “Go to Sign Up page” button. This opens the special sign up page on TIDAL/Qobuz websites (which even says for TIDAL the account will be created with a 90 days free trial period).
Be sure to not be logged on TIDAL/Qobuz with a previous account in any web browser before starting this process, and not use any email address used previously with TIDAL/Qobuz.

I’m so sorry, I’ve just thought that i’ll become vouchers via Email and not direct in Audirvana ) Thnx, now I see them )

The only one question more, will the voucher work if I use the same PayPal account for registration, as I use on another account?

This needs to be a new account creation with those services.

Ok, understood, the last question considering codes - do these codes expire? Or can I use them any time?

I have the same problem since i received my Audirvana. It says that my Tidal 3 months has been activated but I don’t have access to it.

Sorry to resurrect this thread but I retrieved the voucher, created a new account but don’t get the three month trial. I did not use a previous email, but apparently I had my 30 day trial logged on at the time. How do I correct this and get the 90 day trial?

Why I click the get voucher for Tidal, it stayed that I’ve got it on Sep., actually I didn’t create any account yet. But today when I got it and register a new account (as I’ve been subscribing Tidal for long time), then logged in, and tried to play the songs, it said my account expired? Actually it’s a new account.

Is there any tricks to enjoy the 3-month free Tidal?

Hi I just purchased Audirvana and want to use the Tidal 90 day trial but when I click ‘Get Voucher’ then ‘Go to sign up page’ nothing happens it doesn’t open the page. If i try again it says I have already retrieved voucher but can still proceed id not used however I cannot proceed as nothing happens when I click ‘Go to sign up page’ Can i please have a link to the sign up page for the 90 day trial?

you have to sign up in the audirvana preferences menu… streaming… if i remember

Yes it was in the audirvana settings I was doing it - turned out though that it wasn’t working because I needed to set Edge as default browser. Went through it and signed up (first page specifically said about the 90 days) HOWEVER - when I log in to tidal and check my subscription it says I will be billed 30/12/19 -How come the 90 day didn’t apply?