Can't import playlists


I am new to Mac and am trying out Audivarna Studio.

I have imported all my flacs into the library, I think. If that means I imported the files from the directory, see the album art, and can play the album by clicking on it.

I get error messages when I try and import a .m3u playlist. I get ‘## tracks missing’ followed by ‘Please check the local folders containing the missing tracks are synchronized, in the Local page of the settings. Missing streaming tracks are due to the streaming service no longer having these tracks available for streaming.’

I don’t understand the meaning of ‘synchronized’ here. The tracks are in the library and they play when I click on them.

My music is in a directory entitled ‘dtflacs’. That is located on an external G-Raid drive. The playlists are in a directory within ‘dtflacs’ called ‘000_playlists’. I should note that in another office I have a BluOS music player and all this stuff works fine. It also did when running AIMP on a PC. Should I put the playlists somewhere else?

The actual playlist syntax that I have in the playlist is:
\flac_music\Doors, the\Strange Days\Doors - Strange Days - People Are Strange.flac

The playlist as translated by Audirvana is:
/Volumes/G-Raid/dtflacs/000_playlists/\flac_music\Doors, the\Strange Days\Doors - Strange Days - People Are Strange.flac

Any suggestions appreciated!

mine is an m3u also playlist that i have the song… My Rock playlist, looks like that:

#EXTINF:132,People Are Strange
/Volumes/MUSIC/MUSIC/T/The Doors/Strange Days (1967) [2017, 50th Remastered 24-192]/07-People Are Strange.flac

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