Can't install the trial version Win10

I downloaded the trial version from
and then click “Apply trial”, but the result was
“Your trial term Expired.”

I applied trial for the first time. Why this was happened?
I would appreciate if you tell the reason.

My PC system is:
-Windows 10 home 64-bit, version 1903.
-Intel Core i3-5005U
-8.00GB RAM
-the installer app has been installed.

I am sorry for poor English usage, but again
I would appreciate any advice for this topic.

Hello @Kaz_yum,

I’ll need your public IP address to identify you in our database. You can find it in a web site like

Hello @Damien3,

My public IP address is ***************.
Thank you for telling me the website.

Hello @Kaz_yum,

Done, you can now request again a trial license.

If you can’t request it then you will need to reinstall Audirvana

Hello @Damien3,

I can’t request a trial license, so I will try to
reinstall Audirvana.

hi since yesterday i cannot log in on the trial license i only started it on the 13 july 2020 .today i deleted the app then tried to reinstall the trail using the same details but it wont do anything now

Hello @ant1,

We had an issue with our host provider and it affected users with trial. Can you give me your public IP so I can take a look at your trial form our database?

hi thanks for replying but it started working again