Can't log on! Says I don't have an existing account!

I can’t get it to recognize I have an account when I bought one April 30!!!

Same problem with Mac. Asking me for an email instead of the user name I created when I first bought the software.

What are we to do now??

You need a new account. Don’t know how is the exact procedure as I was testing the beta and only had to upgrade.

Tried that doesn’t work

Try at, Create a new account or reset the password.

I tried setting up a new account. While I got an email saying the new account was created, I can’t get the webpage to recognize me.

i’e been thru all these hoops a few times too and i cna’t get to access the new system

I have this problem too. Seems like somewhere in the switch to Audirvana Studio content on the website the previous accounts have been dropped? I tried to download a trial of Studio, and clicked on the ‘already part of the Audirvana family’ link and entered my email, password etc. but says no user found. Then, just to make sure I wasn’t using the wrong password, clicked on Forgot Password, but it comes up with no user with that email address, even though it’s the one currently linked to my installation of Audirvana 3.5.

Same exact issue here; I completed all of these steps in hopes of trying out Studio vs 3.5, but am being given the same “error” message even after it tells me “thank you for verifying your (insert email account here) email account!” in the email that contains the verification code number. After using the code (I tried at least three times with new code numbers each time), I’m receiving the same error of not being found and the email address being used is the only address I have associated with Audirvana period as well…

I have the same problem. I tried numerous times since last night to bring it to the attention of Damien and also send an email to the help desk based on the 3.5 licences but to no avail. Very disappointing to treat “family” in this way.

Make sure you have account at If you don’t, create one. It’s a different account from the one you had before. You can use the same email, of course.

Thanks, @bitracer, I tried that also a number of times without any success.