Can't login to Tidal since upgrade to 3.5.51

Since I upgraded to the latest version 3.5.51, I have been unable to connect to my Tidal account. Above, I have a link to a short video that shows what happens.

To summarize, a Tidal login window appears and then either persists or disappears in a few seconds and Audirvana crashes. (I am able to successfully log into tidal using Microsoft edge.) I also tried deleting my SQlite db and letting Audirvana rebuild it. However, it’s now 137 MB in size so I suspect there’s something wrong there as well. Should I just try again starting from scratch? Do I have to reinstall 3.5.51 or can I simply delete the sqlite db and perhaps some registry entries or an .ini file?

Hello @JCLCan,

Can you take a look at your user access control? Is it set to recommended?

UAC set to lowest level (never notify) and Audirvana is able to write to the AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite database. As well, I can play my local files. It’s Tidal I can’t get to work.

You should set is as recommended due to the embedded login window of Tidal requirements.

I tried the recommended most strict setting and the also recommended 2nd most strict setting. This made no difference to the Tidal login page, which is still blank for me. Note that Tidal login worked on this device before the upgrade and with no changes made to UAC. This is not a UAC problem.

What do I do now? Uninstall AV 3.5.51 and reinstall? What will happen to my licence if I do that? Will there be any problem re-activating?

Before you reinstall your 3.5 make sure you go to settings first and revoke your license. If you don’t then you’ll have a big problem if you try to activate it again after reinstalling.

You can try reinstall Audirvāna 3.5. Please send me a pm if you need your license key and you don’t have it anymore.

Hi, I revoked my licence (to ensure I could use it again), reinstalled AV but can’t get it to run. AV won’t allow a licence to be re-activated until 24 hours have passed. Why put users who have to uninstall and reinstall to such inconvenience? What is to be gained by forcing people to wait for 24 hours?